UK Desk

Connecting you to the heart of UK business

Quantuma’s UK desk advises individuals and businesses in Cyprus who are considering UK business acquisitions and disposals. We also advise stakeholders in Cyprus who have financial and operational concerns with their existing UK business interests and would appreciate some advice on appropriate measures to take.  Our team also advise stakeholders in Cyprus who are seeking to trace assets or people regardless of where they may be. We also provide assistance to Cypriot creditors subject to a UK debtor insolvency.

Why choose Quantuma:

  • We speak your language: A multi-lingual team in the UK and Cyprus 
  • We understand the markets you operate in: our lead advisers have significant experience in advising businesses 
  • Peace of mind: Access to experienced advisers offering professional and tailored advice (link to UK Team landing page)
  • Breadth of experience: Services led by partners licensed to operate in the UK (link to UK specialisms page)
  • Cultural understanding: Strong relationships with leading financial institutions, legal professionals and tax advisers to assist us in supporting you through business challenges and helping you take advantage of business opportunities
  • Supporting stakeholders in achieving their business goals and overcoming financial and operational challenges

Our services include:

  • Corporate Finance
    • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Disposals
    • Fundraising
  • Forensic and Investigation Services
    • Asset tracing
    • People tracing
  • Restructuring Services
    • Cash flow management
  • Creditor Services
  • Corporate and Personal Insolvency 

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