Company reconstructions are a rescue procedure, typically used for the financial restructuring of businesses which are viable but subject to short-term cash-flow problems, and to aid a variety of mergers or reorganisations of businesses due to the favorable tax treatment of reorganisations. 

Company reorganisations are not subject to protection from creditors, and as such, reorganisations tend to be executed at speed. This procedure can be used to reach a compromise or arrangement with creditors or members.

Our team of experts have extensive experience of working with businesses and their financial stakeholders. 

We advise on the preparation of proposals for the reconstruction and assist the business in the initiation of a reconstruction, advising on legal matters, supporting creditor management and communications, and managing relationships with financial stakeholders. Once a reconstruction has received consent and approval, our partners work with the business to control the procedure, with the oversight of the court.
The restructuring services we offer include:

  • accelerated mergers, acquisitions, and disposals
  • balance-sheet restructuring
  • independent reviews
  • cash-flow management
  • turnaround and interim support and
  • corporate simplification

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