Our balance sheet restructuring specialists work with businesses which, whilst they have viable underlying businesses, struggle to manage their debt finance. 

Balance sheet restructuring, also known as financial restructuring, provides a platform for businesses to undertake operational turnarounds and mitigate distress within. If acted upon quickly, balance sheet restructuring can often help businesses avoid a formal insolvency. We have an experienced team that work with you to assess your requirements, typically including cash flow forecasts and projections, in order to determine the basis on which it would be reasonable to restructure the balance sheet. 

In parallel, we conduct an options assessment that enables you to understand what has gone wrong, how issues can be fixed moving forward, and most importantly, what can be done to preserve value and address potential threats to your business' stability in a prompt manner. We also work with you to review the stakeholder landscape of your business as well as understand your individual agendas and leverage points, so that we may recommend a capital structure that offers your business the optimum chance of success in the future.

Once these exercises are complete and a clear path forwards has been agreed, we will immediately step in to manage stakeholder communication. We bring stakeholders together to not only emphasise the urgency of the situation, but, to also negotiate and agree next steps so that insolvency can be avoided.

Thereafter, our team assist you in reconciling all stakeholder positions to implement a new capital structure. We also help you establish key performance indicators for the business and agree ongoing monitoring, so your business is supported at every step of its recovery.

Our team brings together the right combination of expertise, allowing us to work successfully alongside businesses and their financial stakeholders. This enables us to offer specialist advice and deliver the best outcomes for clients. Together with our combined experience, collective insight as well as deep sector knowledge, our offering is unrivalled and we pride ourselves on acting quickly and independently. This means that directors and their stakeholders gain the right advice when it is needed, receiving partner attention throughout the course of the assignment.