Our insolvency experts have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of all insolvency-related issues, resulting in outstanding contingency planning, options reviews, and insolvency advice. 

Our team has considerable experience in formal insolvency appointments including:

  • Receivership
  • Bank Resolutions
  • Compulsory Liquidation (Winding-up by the court)
  • Creditors Voluntary Liquidation
  • We are also able to act in respect of examinerships.

When advising stakeholders, such as banks or investors, we understand their concerns and desired outcomes to provide ongoing advice and strategies to deliver the appropriate solution. 

When advising the Board of a company, our advice enables Directors to quickly assess their options whilst managing ongoing risks and complying with their duties.  Wherever possible we look at a full range of options to maximise value.

Our insolvency services are complimented by our ability to involve our restructuring, corporate finance, forensic accounting, investigations and turnaround teams enabling us to take a commercial, solutions-based approach focusing on the critical issues.

We regularly act for companies and their financial stakeholders in many different scenarios, for example:

  • Development and implementing robust, strategic non-consensual financial restructuring plans, either as an alternative to a consensual restructuring deal or to facilitate a restructuring process.
  • Using insolvency as a tool to restructure liabilities, or to assist an exit, while preserving and maximising value for the company, its lenders, and other stakeholders. 
  • Using insolvency procedures to achieve recoveries in contentious cross border scenarios including undertaking investigations, asset-tracing and recovery and litigation proceedings. 
  • Strategic planning and implementation of enforcement and realisation strategies to maximise recoveries. 
  • Reviewing closure options and developing and implementing strategies to exit where a business, a subsidiary, a division or product line is to be wound down.

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